Cat Dowling at KnockanStockan 2013 – Review & Photos

cat-dowling-knockanstockan-2013-5Cat Dowling – KnockanStockan – July 28th, 2013

Cat Dowling, the indie folk/alternative sing song writer, takes the stage of The Faerie Field on Sunday of KnockanStockan 2013 to a slightly smaller crowd as scantily-clad festival goers took refuge from the rain. Dowling begins her set with an upbeat song that had audience members bopping their heads and stamping their feet along to the music. As the singer sings a few more songs the area slowly begins to fill up as her breathy and lingering voice floats to nearby ears and welcomes them. Playing many songs off her newly released album, like ‘Turn’ and ‘Cruel’, which received stellar reviews across the board and also had the audience in an atmosphere of hushed yet passionate music paired with Dowling’s distinctive voice. The highlight of the set had to be when the singer beckoned the audience to come closer to the stage while performing ‘Cruel’ and hopped down in front of the stage to have a personal moment with the audience, walking and pacing in front of them while getting lost in the music. A lady with a distinctive voice and talent for song-writing and singing I beg of you to go and buy her album ‘The Believer’-you won’t regret it.

Review by Miriam McGovern

Photos by Tudor Marian

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Tudor Marian

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