CFIT Throwaway Survival Guide – Review

cfit Throwaway Survival Guide

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cfit Throwaway Survival Guide

cfit are a Dublin based band whose name derives from the aviation term ‘Controlled Flight Into Terrain’, pertaining to what they describe as a band ‘whose music lifts you up and crashes you without realising’.

‘Salvo’ is a dreamy introduction to their latest album. Think abstracted trance tune with the nature of a Lost In Translation soundtrack. This song which is what one could imagine diving into a parallel universe to sound like (if that stated had auricular quality) – and so, ‘Salvo’ earns the named attribute of well placed in the run of Throwaway Survival Guide.
This is followed by rocky ‘Dust Silhouettes’ and ‘Don’t Be Discouraged’, which both unravel with definitive character. The latter dazzles with fine harmonies and lyrics that bite into our memories – ‘I kill myself so don’t be discouraged’. This is commendable musicianship in the form of hooking angst.

CFIT at the Grand Social – Photos

Briefer piece ‘BloodInBloodOut’ stands out in the album. It is pure rhythmic allure with a major dose of Arcade Fire-type intricate revelry in its melody. This is best described as a momentary musical delirium and an ode to cfit’s musical range.

This album veers in a contrasting direction after its midpoint. Flick on ‘The Lack of Shark’ for a burst of electro and rock that comes in an unrecognizable wave. ‘Vitamin C’ and its splendid guitar riff exhibits how overall cfit execute their own distinct music style with a solid line of catchy, making this a promising album destined to spark pleasant reception. They are a band with musical outpouring on many levels, from all mentioned to the ending tune ‘Tell Me I’m Okay’ and its solemn moment-in-time captivation.

cfit are a band that I would be considerably eager to see live and would encourage others to acquaint themselves with. Throwaway Survival Guide is a pride-worthy piece of art and well worth a listen.

Throwaway Survival Guide is available to buy now from Bandcamp.

Words by Shannon Welby


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