Changing Gears – Irish Band Of The Week

Changing Gears - Irish Band Of The Week

Changing Gears - Irish Band Of The Week

Changing Gears are a five-piece pop/rock group that’s eager to strip back all the posing and pretentiousness and just refocus on the music. Beginning in 2009, the band have released one album and three EPs, with an album earlier this year in the form of We Hear You – a mix of old and new tracks. Working from their base in a repurposed warehouse/studio in Dublin’s East Wall, the band have focused on creating a sound that amalgamates all the best elements of indie, pop, and rock – creating a sort of dance-pop soundscape.

Earlier this month they released their LP Communicate, it was development from the band, moving away from the grungier elements to a more 80s feel but it all works perfectly for them. Again, rather than the hyper-tuned, overly polished sounds that listeners have to expect from indie/pop bands, Changing Gears went for a more basic approach to things. The resulting sound almost has the feeling of listening to analogue recordings, there’s a very rough-and-ready feeling to it but it works well because the band are less concerned with auto-tuning every last element of their sound and more focused on producing raw music that has a genuine feeling to it. The LP as a whole has a very pared back vibe to it, it’s familiar and yet totally refreshing at the same time. The band focus on creating a sound that is comfortable in itself and therefore, homely – which, considering that some man bands are attempting to push the boundaries on all aspects of music and production, makes this feel inspired and resourceful.

Their latest release has already received an array of a positive reviews, particularly the track ‘Fever’ which is a slow-burning – it’s slow, steady, with a shimmering dance quality to it that just instils energy into you upon listening. Think of the vocal brilliance of Kings of Leon but the 80s throwback sounds of Cake.

The band recently played in Anseo, but they don’t seem to have any other upcoming gigs at the minute. Until they announce some more, and I’m hopeful they will, check out the brilliant LP here:


Elaine McDonald

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