Color//Sound at Whelan’s – Review

Color//Sound Whelan's Review

Color//Sound Whelan's Review

Color//Sound launched their latest single ‘The Wolves’ in Whelan’s; a high energy affair that really showcased their strengths in a live setting. With 2 support acts, Orchid Collective first took to the stage. Their crisp harmonies and on-point acoustics are so beautifully blended, with those opting to arrive early being treated to a jam-packed set of raw talent. Blades Club were up next, putting the ‘E’ in energy with their uptempo numbers and electro-rock guitar riffs pinging around the walls. There was also some serious drummer hair envy going on. No matter how much he headbanged and played his heart out, it returned to a perfect parting each time. Someone needs to share their secrets.

Color//Sound’s set is more uptempo and fast-paced than might be expected. Being familiar with their first single that was released last summer, ‘To The Countryside’ is cleverly transitioned to a live setting. Smooth harmonies are still intact while being encased in a lively bubble of guitar riffs and steady drum beats. This high energy continues to spiral through their repertoire, with folk tendencies being meshed together with alternative-rock qualities. The chosen light sequences are also very apt. They blend in really well with the musical arrangement, especially when aiding as a suspenseful build-up when repetitive guitar loops grow in intensity for an instrumental sequence that easily grabbed everyone’s attention.

Showing that they’re not just tied down to creating up-beat and fast offerings, ‘Goodbye First Love’ was a beautiful inclusion to their set. Brendan McGlynn’s vocal talents really come to the fore with this track and he’s also nicely joined by perfect harmonies that succeed in bringing the room to a silence.

Impressively made wolf masks also sat patiently on stage waiting for their chance to shine, and through the powerful vocals and chord sequences of newest single ‘The Wolves’, their creation made sure to remind everyone of the main purpose of the launch itself. The band finish up their set with an accelerated number fuelled with guitar riffs galore, which got the whole room going and sent everyone home happy.

Color//Sound’s ability to infuse an acoustic folk style alongside alt-rock tendencies certainly makes them unique among what is being released in Irish music right now, especially considering the quality of their faultless harmonies. If that launch is anything to go by, they’ve a big year ahead of them.

Review by Nicole Leggett


Lucy Ivan

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