Come On Live long at Whelan’s – Review


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come-on-live-long-button-factory-dublin-12Dublin 5 piece Come On Live Long played to a near full house in Whelan’s last night, 6th July, 2013. Fresh from their support of Alabama 3 in The Button Factory last week, the alternative rock outfit delighted fans and newcomers at their album launch party. The band’s debut album, ‘Everything Fall’ was released on Friday.

Support on the night was another Dublin band Bouts whose sound was akin to your noisy neighbours’ teenage garage band but with more structure. A perfect warm up to what was to come!

Come on Live Long came to the stage to rapturous applause. They kicked off their set with the song ‘Elephants & Time’ from their 2011 Menders EP. At this point you could say they were warming up but the place was so hot it was close to the boil. No one more so than lead singer Robert Ardiff as the white shirt he was wearing was slowly becoming transparent from the sweat, and we’d only just begun.

The first of the album tracks on the night was piano led number ‘Mountains’ followed by the really upbeat ‘Go’ with its massive sound and clever lyrics like ‘We broke all the street lights, so we could fight in the dark’.

The set continued with 2 songs from their early 2011 EP Come on Live Long EP either side of the quite poppy album track ‘Old Apart’. First of the EP tracks, with its ukulele intro and French opening lyrics, what seemed to be a crowd favourite, ‘Animal’ followed by the second song on the EP ‘Waiting’.

While listening to them play, one quite rare feature these days comes to mind. I find that Come on Live Long sound better live than on their album. Maybe it’s the expression of emotion comes through stronger live.

Moving on you sense they try to bring you on a journey, a journey they’ve brought many a crowd on, slowing it down for ‘Say you prayers’ and bringing it back up with the clapathon that is ‘Cybil’ followed by eerie rock number ‘Tide’. For the two previous songs the band were joined on stage by trombonist Jim Clarke of the Dublin City Jazz Orchestra.

Next up was the opening track of the album ‘Wasteland’ which in less than 5 minutes will show you the strengths of every member of the band. Afterwards one of the singles from the Album, ‘Little Ones’.

The closing track on the album ‘Billions’ was the closer (before the much sought after encore) for which trombonist Jim Clarke joined them back on stage. They left the stage and returned to screams of ‘One more tune’. They finished the night off with another song from the Menders EP ‘Someone’s Home’.

What can I say other than I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. I’d heard and read the good reviews, but Come On Live Long blew me away. They have everything from Alt-Rock to folk to Electronic in their repertoire and with some songs a mixture of it all. If you haven’t heard them already, it won’t be long before you do.

Come On Live Long – Everything Fall is available from their official store.

Review by Pat Byrne

Set list:

1. Elephants and Time (Menders EP)

2. Mountains

3. Go

4. Animal (Come on Live Long EP)

5. Old Apart

6. Waiting (Come On Live Long EP)

7. Say your prayers

8. Cybil

9. Tide

10. Wasteland

11. Little Ones

12. Billions

13. Someone’s Home (Menders EP)


Lucy Ivan

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