Aleka @ Arthur’s Pub

Who: Aleka

When: 1 June 2016 - 8:00 pm

Where: Arthur's Pub (see map)

How much: €8/€5

Aleka is a Romanian vocalist, cellist, composer and lyricist who draws influence from her home country, using folk melodies interspersed with jazz harmony and eastern rhythms as well as her experience in the classical music world inspired by renowned figures such as Debussy or Bella Bartok. The approach of the band may seem like it adheres to the traditional sentiments of a vocal jazz quartet however it is influenced by a broad spectrum of styles from the roots of jazz to the contemporary reaches of pop music, along with original material, the project presents the bands’ own take on pop hits from artists like Michael Jackson, Bjork or Nick Drake.

Aleka’s voice is a myriad of textures and sonorities. She spent time exploring bell canto technique as well as the nuances and colours of oriental music and soul. All of these influences and styles culminate in a refined vocal sound that is very personal. Aleka uses a wide variety of themes in her compositions including old Romanian curse such as “He who loves and leaves”.
Lyrically, Aleka frequently uses themes such as sadness and the feeling of being lost but constantly yearning to break free from these emotions. And although the lyrical material may seem bleak, it is juxtaposed by the optimistic feeling of the music itself.
She has always wanted to bridge the gap between different musical genres and with her group she mixes Latin grooves, oriental modes and free improvisation along with high energy interaction between herself and the band which creates an exciting and truly contemporary ensemble identity.

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