Aleka & Ruba @ Bello Bar

Who: Aleka & Ruba

When: 10 October 2015 - 8:00 pm

Where: Bello Bar (see map)

How much: €7 / €10

Both vocalists started writing their own material a few years back; Aleka, a Romanian musician based in Dublin, always wanted to bridge the gap between different music genres, a mix of Latin grooves and Oriental modes combined into a contemporary jazz setting can be heard in her originals. Her project also includes arrangements of Michael Jackson and Nick Drake.

Ruba, a Palestinian musician based in Dublin, will be performing her original music in both Arabic and English. Each song in the set tells a story and reveals both the fragility and strength of the vocalist. Ruba’s music is a mix of jazz with a Middle Eastern vibe.

Aleka’s line-up
Aleka – vocals
Chris Guilfoyle – guitar
Kevin Higgins – bass
Brendan Doherty – drums

Ruba’s line-up
Ruba – vocals
Orlando Molina – guitar
Aleka – Cello/ Backing vocals
Cormac OBrien – Double bass
Sebastian Jezzi – Percussions
Matthew Jacobson – Drums

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