BARE In The Woods 2016

What: BARE

When: 11 June 2016 - 2:00 pm

Where: Garryhinch Woods (see map)

How much: from €30

Line-up: The Sugarhill Gang (headliners), Natty Wailer, King Kong Company, The Pale, Fox Jaw, August Wells, Dah Jevu, Pretty Beast, Slow Motion Heroes, Everything Shook, My Tribe Your Tribe, Suan and Cua, Raglans, Jupe, Fangclub, Mongrel State, Made by Pete, CPNHGN, Megacone, Laurie Shaw, Damsel, Whiskey Dick, Gemma Bradley, Peter Njihia.

Tickets are priced at €40 for the festival and €50 includes camping.


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