Hard Working Class Heroes 2015

Who: Color//Sound

When: 1 October 2015 - 5:00 pm
 2 October 2015 - 5:00 pm
 3 October 2015 - 5:00 pm

Where: City Centre, Dublin (see map)

How much: €20/€45

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Hard Working Class Heroes 2015 Line-up

13, Acrobat, AikJ, Ailbhe Reddy, Anderson, Arborist, Atlas Moon, Bad Sea, Bagels, Basciville, Benihana, Bitch Falcon, Buffalo Sunn, Buffalo Woman, Callum Orr, Carriages, Cfit, Color//Sound, Comrade Hat, Corner Boy, Darling, Dear Desert, discopunks, DVO Marvell, Elastic Sleep, Electro Sensitive Behaviour Feat. Perry Blake, Elephant, Elm, Everything Shook, EXPLODING EYES, Fergal O’Connor, Florence Olivier, Frankenstein Bolts, Half Of Me, Hare Squead, HAWK, Heroes in Hiding, Hot Cops, I Have A Tribe, Inni-K, Jennifer Evans, Johnny Stewart, Joni, Katie Laffan, Kobina, Lie Ins, Lilla Vargen, LORIS, Maija Sofia, Maud in Cahoots, Me Auld Flower, Mere Moths, Miles Graham, MKAI, Mongoose, moossmann, My Tribe Your Tribe, Neon Atlas, New Pope, New Valley Wolves, Nocturnes, Not Monsters, Oh Boland, Old Hannah, PALE RIVERS, Participant, Patrick Freeman, Pine ¶he Pilcrow, Pleasure Beach, PLUTONIC DUST, PolyGlove, PORTS, Pranks, ProFound, Róisín O, Rusangano Family, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, S I S T E R S, Saint Sister, Sample Answer, Samyel, Silences, Slow Skies, SlowPlaceLikeHome, Staring At Lakes, STAY GOLD, Strength, Swimmers, Talos, TELL NO FOXX, The Altered Hours, The Fontaines, The Journals, The Man Whom, The Soft Look, Third Smoke, This Other Kingdom, Tiz McNamara, We Raise Bears, We, The Oceanographers

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