Hits and Giggles @ Vicar Street

Who: Brian Deady

When: 16 October 2016 - 7:00 pm

Where: Hits and Giggles @ Vicar Street (see map)

How much: €25

Vicar Street will host Hits and Giggles, a charity concert in aid of The Down Syndrome Centre.

The Down Syndrome Centre opened it’s doors in October 2014 to provide early intervention services to children with Down syndrome. Services that have been dramatically cut in our current health system and become harder to access for so many families.

Currently they have over 150 children passing through their doors each week to avail of the wide range of programmes, therapies and classes on offer. Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language, Physiotherapy, Counselling, SKIP an early intervention programme, Team 21 Tots, Baby Massage, Seminars, Summer & Easter camps to name a few. One of the most fundamental advantages of a centre like this is the opportunities for parents to meet, share experiences and develop strong relationships for the future.

With no Government funding they rely solely on fundraising initiatives and the generosity of the general public to enable them sustain the running of the centre.


  • Brian Deady
  • Eric Lalor
  • Fred Cooke
  • DJ D.O.G

Tickets are priced at €25.00, with all proceeds going to The Down Syndrome Centre.

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