The Loafing Heroes @ Bello Bar

Who: The Loafing Heroes

When: 21 June 2017 - 8:00 pm

Where: Bello Bar (see map)

How much: €10

Defying precise categorisation, the international band The Loafing Heroes offer a cosmopolitan blend of folk, poetry, world music and pop, a tapestry of lush harmonies and contemplative lyrics. They have just released their fifth record called ‘The Baron in the Trees’ which draws upon influences as eclectic as the members themselves, with haunting ballads giving way to smoky jazz numbers and then to dream-folk song—tales of loss and rediscovery, of isolation and transformation. Their previous albums, Crossing the Threshold, Planets, Chula and Unterwegs, are a product of their years in Lisbon and Berlin.

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