Conor Linnie album release gig (photos)

Conor LinnieConor Linnie released “Astray”, his debut album in Whelan’s last Saturday, March 16th.

Whelan’s upstairs venue seemed way too small for the massive crowd that came to see Conor Linnie at his debut album release gig.

Even Conor seemed genuinely surprised by the amount of fans that showed up on Saturday, a night with so many gigs to choose from, to see him. The first words he said when he stepped on stage were “Oh my God!”.

The pressure didn’t affect him negatively, though. He, with the help of his talented 8-piece band, offered a brilliant show. He played a couple of songs without the band, but they sounded just as good. A full album review will be posted soon.

Listen to “Astray” and buy it on Conor’s Bandcamp page.

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Lucy Ivan

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