Conor Linnie at The Grand Social – Photos and Review

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conor-linnie-grand-social-6Conor Linnie opened for John Blek and the Rats on Friday 7th of June at The Grand Social.

He and his acoustic guitar had the tricky opening slot of the evening, and with no help from back up he filled up the venue with swells of music. He opened with “The Writing in the Sky”, the title of which he took from a poem by Dermot Healy. The repeated guitar pattern meant the lyrics, pure and simple, carried the melody. He proceeded with the romantic and summery “Gossamer Girl” which had melancholy guitar moments that gave it palpable emotion.

His third song, new track “In the Unearthly Light” was written on a day just like the scorcher outside and the opening guitar riff seemed to capture that feeling of sitting in warm sunshine by running water with its mellow but upbeat sound. He followed this on with of the first songs he ever wrote, “Moths”, also the first track on his debut album “Astray”. This had the audience swaying under the twinkly lights on the tent-like roof canopy.

His final song was “The Fire I’m Kindling”. This was a great finish to the set with powerful, emotion-loaded vocals and an energetically strummed chorus that swelled out over the audience and got feet stamping!

Conor Linnie has an incredible raw power and emotion in his voice that is just gorgeous to listen to. His use of picking is skilled and his sound is mellow and slightly Mumford and Sons-esque. He played a fantastic set with an incredible energy and started the evening off beautifully. A great talent!

Photos by Shaun Neary


Lucy Ivan

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