Contour – Irish Band Of The Week

Contour - Irish Band Of The Week

Contour - Irish Band Of The Week

Contour has become synonymous with girls trying to magically sculpt cheekbones out of makeup, by far it’ll be one of those words that defines a year. Yet, Contour the band have been around almost three years longer and they’re all about shaping their electronica soul music into innovative tracks, fuelled by ethereal vocals and a cacophony of eclectic noise.

The duo, described themselves as ‘digital analogue acoustic humans’, they have spent three years collaborating in their Dublin studio, attempting to create music that quite successfully melts the hearts and faces off unsuspecting crowds throughout the nation. So how does one describe their sound? In a word? Noise. It’s pure, unapologetic noise that’s alive with the curious aesthetic of being both delicate and haunting in equal measure. Their sound is undeniably innovative, rawly electric and with powerful vocals to counteract that; ultimately, their sound is like a rainbow reflected in a puddle – unexpected and yet delightful.

There’s an underlying chaotic aggression to their sound that is so utterly tantalising that you just have to keep listening, the melody and sound just haunt the ear, drawing you in and in. It’s a lush sound – undeniably one that works even better during a live performance. 

The band released their second EP, Blessed With Weird Things, in the latter part of 2015 and it cemented their central motif of hard hitting synth coupled with charmingly empowered vocals. ‘Oppression’ is a track that just has all the right moves: rhythm, energy, emotive lyrics and then, just the perfect hint of tropical popical to get you into a dancing mood. It’s all the right kinds of addictive.

So prepare your ears to be addicted.


Elaine McDonald

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