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corner-boySettled into an enclave of low lit chandeliers and high gloss crystal in Dublin city centre Corner Boy, the band are here preach their good news. And the good news is that their second EP ”Ghost Town City” is on release on March 13th. This five star five piece band hail from Wexford. They’re a right old mish mash on first appearances. A jazz beard, a folk beard, a heavy metal long head of hair, a flame haired drummer and the long locks of a classical singer. This should give you a hint of the tastes and flavours this band can produce.

Singer songwriter Michael D’Arcy (or Mick, as he prefers) formed the band a mere fifteen months ago. In real life terms Corner Boy are only toddlers. Yet what they have produced in musical terms belies their age. D’Arcy was primarily responsible for their first EP “Morning Morning“ from February last year. Aired on Other Voices 2013, it’s a floor filling foot stomping crowd engaging beauty which received much critical acclaim. Penned primarily by Michael on his own, “Morning Morning“ was the newborn baby which has now developed into what we witness on “Ghost Town City”. The theme of the new EP is the translation of a disenfranchised youth, worn down with the urban rural divide, loss, life and emigration. It all sounds a bit Morrissey. But it’s not. There’s delicate violins, rich double bass, fragile vocals, hollowed out and pared back verses, blinged up banjo, lilting harmonies and riffed out electric guitars.

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“The EP is one collective interpretation of our sound“, explains Mick. “I bring the song, the bones of them and then it’s all about adding the musicality to it.“ There’s a selection of interpretation available as various influences simmer within each member. Karen is a classically trained singer with leanings towards trad music, Leo on double bass has a fancy for jazz, Matthew on guitars is a metal maniac and Michael the drummer is, “The Drummer. And Lord knows what he’ll come out with“, remarks Matthew. It’s this hot bed of diversity that gives the band their defining output and sound differentiator.

“Ghost Town City represents how much we have evolved as a band“, Matthew emphasises, drawing the difference between the two EPs. The springboard of “Morning Morning“ with the supersized folky feel from the calls of “Rise Me Up”, contrasting to the questioning secrets of “Cold Love”. Having said that and having witnessed “True North” at Whelan’s One To Watch in February, the two EP’s hold hands quite well live. They supply a full fat set list giving audiences that journey of pace throughout their show. Engaging and gathering, their selection of tracks will draw crowds. Catchy melodies and echoed verses resonating well after the event.

Thought unsigned at the moment D’Arcy is vague about their hopeful signatures on paper in the future. Keeping their nose to the grindstone Corner Boy’s plans are to work their arses off this year and hopefully when they look up the right people will be looking at them.

Interview by Ciara Sheahan


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