Corner Boy – Irish Band of the Week


corner-boyBack in September 2011, an Irish guy with a guitar on his back started a trip on the roads of North America in order to find the perfect folk sound. If Jack Kerouac wrote a book after hitting the road in the late 40’s, Michael D’Arcy composed powerful music that gives shape to his first E.P. Morning, Morning released in February 2013.

The stories of the people he met and the experiences he had are the spirit of his lyrics which are a brilliant fit to that modern folk style that already defines his music. Formed by 6 experienced musicians playing in perfect harmony, Corner boy are easy to listen and easy to follow with a highly noticed composition work behind the scenes.

Already compared with Mumford and Sons, Corner Boy are hitting Dublin music scene with several acclaimed gigs around the city. A deep american folk played by traditional Irish instruments like the banjo or the fiddle, makes this band perfect for a live music night in some of the consecrated venues of the Irish capital.

At Dublin Concerts we already witnessed their live skills at Ones to Watch 2014 Festival and we are already expecting the next tour stop announcement. So check out their Facebook page to find out where you can see them live, grab a couple of good friends, order a Guinness and let their music to make the best of your night.

Article by Sofia J.Valls 


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