Cove self titled debut EP review

coveReview by Kat Clinch

Cove are an Irish alternative/electro duo who recently released their eponymously titled 5 track EP.

The opening track, Slow City, starts really pared back in term of background sound despite maintaining an up-tempo percussive line. The beginning of the track is slightly less electronic (the acoustic version of electro I suppose)-putting a focus on the trippy vocals before breaking out into an upbeat higher tempo verse filled to the brim with effects. This in turn leads into a belting chorus interspersed with areas of fragmented vocals that are in places mildly reminiscent of some of Hadouken’s songs.

The second track, Silhouettes, kicks off with a melancholy opening riff, echoey vocals and a background of nature sounds giving the track a surreal quality that really seems to fill up your whole brain. The song has quite a powerful sound but is contrastingly mellow and easy to listen to. I liked that it changed tempo slightly throughout different sections of the song. The tempo really builds towards the end and actually gets almost dancey with the techno influence really coming out.

The third track, Health, is slower, more relaxed and a little subdued in sound. This track really shows off the electronic stylistics of the group. I found a slight repetitiveness to the start but again it built towards the end to a really strong finish that you can feel your head banging along to. The Morse-code-esque sounds and lightly broken up vocals give it a pleasant level of intensity and also show slight leanings towards Bloc Party’s Luno era or Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead.

cove-ep-coverThe penultimate track, Killing Joke, takes us straight into a fast beat which builds slowly through layers-digitised sounds, percussion, longer tones and finally vocals. The echoed lyrics as it nears the end and the rebuilding of the music take the song up a little however I found this track a little more repetitive and less engaging than the others tracks despite the strong opening. Still a good all round sound that was easy to listen to.

The final track, Guests, was probably my favourite track of the EP. The opening sequence reminded me slightly of Two Door Cinema Club with its gently high pitched piano sounds but from there on the track really fleshed out into a pleasantly trippy danceable track which had my head bobbing. I particularly liked that it really alternated throughout slowing down then bursting into more energised sections-definitely a song to get you pumped for going out! Overall if you are a fan of electro and want something mellow and a little trippy with enough energy to it to get you going for the day this short EP doesn’t disappoint. I found it really easy to listen to and wouldn’t skip past it on shuffle! The tracks had hints of several groups I already enjoy such as Breath Carolina, Bloc party and even a touch of Passion Pit in places. Despite being only 5 tracks long the EP really shows Cove’s distinctive sound and made me want to hear more.

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