Cove’s new EP ‘Vespers’ – Review

Cove - Vespers album - Review

Cove - Vespers album - Review

The EP awakens and comes to life with an ideal, building opening that presents an underwater-type feel. ‘Love & Work’ is a powerful first track that initially creates an internal response – an awareness of breath. Then comes life and pulse in synthesizers. There’s a carefree atmosphere, a soundtrack to some paradise. Unique vocals stir our curiosity and then it is established. We want to hear more.

‘Sylvia’ has an impressive cadence with a sturdy beat. It is hypnotic and absorbing, other worldly and alluring. The distinct, shrill, penetrating voice inter-winds every note, grasping in its distinctness – yet never overbearing.

Rhythm and pattern dominate in ‘Too Thin’. Bobbing of heads and tapping of feet is inescapable with this deeply catchy piece. It’s tremendous, awesome, and deliciously funky.

‘Abberation 1’, a stand alone track of only a minute and a half, boasts an easing tranquillity. It is pleasing to hear this alteration in tone. Delicate and tame, there’s a real beauty in this track, one that allows us to drift off and enjoy.

Guitar complements the electro flow of ‘To Give Is To Drown’. Catchy and well assembled, it creates an enjoyable trance. It captures the over all vibe of Cove and reminds us how thrilling this EP is. Undoubtedly this is a superb array of indie-electro tunes from a talented Tipperary trio.

Cove’s new EP will be released on September 19th.

By Shannon Welby


Lucy Ivan

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