Cry Monster Cry at The Academy 2 (photos)

Brothers Jamie and Richie Martin, a.k.a. Cry Monster Cry, played The Academy 2 on Friday night, opening for Hudson Taylor.

Having been surrounded by music their entire lives, the Martin brothers play a very ear-pleasing soft folk rock. In May 2012, Cry Monster Cry launched their debut EP, reaching second place in the iTunes chart. They’ve played at festivals, headlined many gigs and supported Jape, Wallis Bird and Sea of Bees, among others, in 2012. Right now, they’re working on some new material for an album that will probably be released sometime in the following months.

We really enjoyed their set at The Academy on Friday. Their voices go well together and their instruments create a mellow yet powerful background for the carefully written lyrics. The audience enjoyed their music and we’re sure they’ve gained some new fans. We’ll definitely include some of their tunes in our playlist and we’ll make sure to see them again when they have gigs in Dublin.

Find more about Cry Monster Cry on their website, Facebook page and Twitter profile.


Lucy Ivan

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