Cult Called Man – Irish Band Of The Week

Cult Called Man - Irish Band Of The Week

Cult Called Man - Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish band of the Week is Cult Called Man which claims to have been ‘conceived in a psychiatric ward’, admittedly their sound is rather manic and wild at times but for anyone who has seen them perform, it’s a worthwhile sight to behold. The alt-rock four piece have an intriguing relationship with music, seeing it as a way to not only appreciate all the intrinsic flaws of the human condition but also to ‘preach’. Their sound is unapologetically curious and rebellious, with the band admitting that ‘We preach, and people either get on board or get freaked out.’

2014 saw the release of the band’s second EP, the Mr Wednesdae E.P. It was a standout year for the band as they moved to the fore of the Irish music scene, becoming recognised for their unusual musical style, channeling The Muppets and David Bowie in equal measure. Yet their desire was never just to imitate, quite the opposite, they wanted to draw on all things unusual and remake it their own, create something new and unheard of on the Irish music scene. What emerged was an innovative sound, the sort of whimsical stylings that one could expect of Bowie or even Modest Mouse, and yet the band managed to hold their own, bringing a modern Irish music undertone to their sound. Tracks like ‘Mr. Wednesdae’ are so wondrously quirky and eccentric, they’re a pleasure to listen to and, yet, their craftsmanship never wavers. This is a band that toes the line between noteworthy and peculiar.

Eventually, they went on to perform the usual Irish Festival circuit, with their standout performances at the likes of Electric Picnic’s Salty Dog and Trailer Park stages garnering them so well deserved attention. From that point on, the band have become synonymous with the live music scene in Ireland and abroad, a well-earned title to say the least. Yet, their crowning glory of 2016 must be the release of their debut album Cult Fiction. This album managed to unite all elements of Cult Called Man: the quirkiness, the peculiar, and the outstanding in one well-measured album. Cult Fiction is filled to the brim with emotion, the song-writing is much more polished and the vocals have a certain charm to them. A worthy listen!


Elaine McDonald

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