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cut-copy-button-factoryCut Copy at The Button Factory – 14th April 2014

Even though Cut Copy had the Button Factory packed out for their concert on Monday evening, most people came late and missed the supporting act Rüfüs which was a complete pity as they were one of the best live dance groups I had ever seen. The Aussie trio formed in 2010 have only released one studio album so far, which (not surprisingly) went to No. 1 in Australia. Their fresh set which involved only the three members (synth, vocals and drums) was quite an experience, especially as I was able to stand right in front of them as the venue was practically empty at this stage. Rüfüs’ Indie dance music has hints of European dance in it, which create an infectious beat, but paired with Tryone’s vocals produce a more euphoric and emotive sound. Their singles ‘Take Me’, ‘Desert Night’ and ‘Sundream’ were some of my favorites from the set. Although they are not as well known over here at present, undoubtedly their popularity will hopefully spread from Australia over to Europe as their talents, music, and live set are not to be missed. Rüfüs absolutely blew me away, I’m just sad more people weren’t there to see them.

Hit makers Cut Copy started their set with ‘We Are Explorers’, the opening static synth chords unmistakable. One of Cut Copy’s best features is that they have so many anthemic hits. Electronic music can sometimes be repetitive and very ‘samey’, but Cut Copy’s themes and melodies are so unique to every song that one is never in doubt about which one of their numbers is playing.

The set for the gig was focused around the projections behind them. The words ‘Free Your Mind’ (the name of their latest album) were frequently on screen, being morphed and moved in suitably funky colours. Dan whitford’s fist-pumping during ‘Take Me Over’ was something not to be missed, and the fittingly 80’s yellow and purple lights echoed another era.

During their most popular hit ‘Hearts On Fire’ the crowd erupted in sound, ecstatic to hear their favorite track, bopping along from start to finish. When ‘Take Me Higher’ was played, the crowd transformed. The spiritual slow-climbing vocals were a complete change from the previous songs and gave the Button Factory a feeling of enchantment. When ‘Show Me Love’ was played, they projected the spiral black and white hypnotic music video for the song behind then. Up to then I was enjoying the special effects from the show, but when this song played it became a little overwhelming, especially when viewing it from the balcony. Unfortunately myself and a lot of people in the balcony had to take breaks from looking at the stage and turn away for periods at a time as it was all just too much. After Scott’s dramatic (and a little strange) routine of beating the cymbal with a towel while theatrically drinking his beer, Cut Copy closed the gig with their hit ‘Need You Know’ with a more eye-friendly background of rolling waves.

It was a fantastic night in the Button Factory showcasing the up-and-coming and also established talents that Australia has to offer. Hopefully it won’t be long until both bands are gracing our shores again.

Review by Ruth McGovern


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