Daft Funk at The Academy – Photos & Review


Daft Punk, the dynamic electronica French duo, are famous for bringing us such hits as “Get Lucky”, “Da Funk” and “Aerodynamic”. Admittedly, one can easily feel a little dubious about how a band can act as a tribute to a live band let alone one that requires such an intense focus on perfecting mixing abilities all under the heavy guise of helmets that Daft Punk are known for. As a result I was somewhat skeptical of Daft Funk, yet I was eager to see how they would fulfill the immense musical prowess that Daft Punk are known for whilst performing.

Firstly, their performance took place in The Academy. Which is a wonderful venue, there’s this charming ease to it that just suits the variety of alternative acts that play there on a regular basis. Drinks are reasonably priced and the audience always seem to have a rather mellow vibe so it’s the ideal place to attend to hear some great music, meet some relaxed individuals and basically unwind on the cusp of the weekend! However, I have to admit that several of the audience members I spoke to considered the tickets for this act overpriced at €15, others disagreed that this was a fair price. It really comes down to how you perceived the act’s performance on the night and the quality of the homage they were paying to Daft Punk. Moreover, one must remember that the Academy is a great venue it itself and they are as responsible for ticket pricing.

When the act labels them as the “best Daft Punk” tribute band, they really aren’t kidding in terms of attire. They don the full costume and stay true to it throughout the entire performance. Moreover, their enthusiasm never falters despite all this, they are the ones eagerly hopping around and by doing so, really get the audience going as well. Admittedly, I perceived the performance wrong initially. I found it very hard to believe that the two guys in the costumes could actually be mixing; their set was almost flawless with only the slightest of blips on occasion. However, they promised that the performance is entirely their own. Whilst admitting that they did initially use CDs to support their performance, their current act relies solely on their own skills to mix tracks, a rather impressive feat. The unique software means they are free from the use of headphones and therefore can provide the full Daft Punk performance to their audience. Knowing this information I really can’t fault their commitment, knowing that they as a group have worked towards such a brilliant and realistic performance all sense of doubt I felt towards them has been removed. In fact, I’m left rather awe-struck by such a lively and dedicated performance. Moreover, they really stuck to the classic, well-known tracks that have propelled Daft Funk to stardom in the last few years it’s nice to get what you pay for with a performance rather than a group focusing solely on the new album.

While Daft Punk are yet to announce any live tour dates or performances here in Ireland, I think if you’re a die-hard fan then this tribute act might just satisfy your tastes for electronica pop. Impressive to say the least, I for one was to commend Daft Funk on not simply being a tribute band but a talented duo in their own right who really want to give fans the full experience for only half the price. Once you keep in mind that they are in fact mixing themselves then it is really a delightful and striking show.

Review by Elaine McDonald

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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