Darling at Whelan’s – Review

Darling - Whelan's - Review

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Darling - Whelan's - Review

Darling at Whelan’s – July 5th

If you were to take all the finest flavours of indie 80’s and 90’s like OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Jesus and Mary Chain, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Echo and The Bunnymen and blend them up with a bit of Muse, Stuart Price and The Killers, you’d have a cocktail that might just resemble the unique essence that is Darling.

Standing in a packed out Whelan’s on Saturday night, it’s like watching a band that have been here before. Teasing the crowd with opening riffs from Dr. Feelgood’s “Milk and Alcohol”, Darling’s grand entrance is well received. The two lads launch straight into “Echoes”, a Muse infused dark Depeche glossy tune with pitch perfect vocals and an Ultravox sense of isolation. See what I mean about the 80’s thing? Extended and appreciated by all, it’s soundscape heaven. A menacing bass line gives birth to the next track “Screaming Bloody Murder”, dramatic and dark, leanings of Joy Division. Faster paces and clever drumming pick up the harmonies in “Life Is What You Make Of It”. Two covers, “The Sound Of Silence”, delivered with eerie Ian McCulloch and Beyonce’s XO are respectfully remodelled the Darling way.

“Sail Away” is a show stopper, already an anthem. Its simplicity and minimal repetition resonating throughout the venue. “2001” closes this short set. Spiralling vocals Jimmy Somerville would aspire to a Happy House piano phrase and a build up wrapped around broken hearted lyrics. Darling are pure and perfect, rising like a fine mist from the Dublin Indie scene.

Review by Ciara Sheahan


Lucy Ivan

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