Depeche Mode at The O2 Dublin – Review & Photos

Depeche Mode Dublin

Depeche Mode played a sold out show at The O2 Dublin last night, November 9th.

“Words are very unnecessary”. For the thousands of people that enjoyed the fantastic show put on by the legendary Depeche Mode, there is really not much to add about the concert. “Flawless” is a word we’ve overheard a lot last Saturday night.

It’s been a while since The O2 seemed so packed. Depeche Mode fans, young and … not so young, waited for the show to start, dancing to get into the mood. The dimming of the stage lights, signaling the imminent start of the show, triggered a massive explosion of cheering and excitement. Moments later, Dave Gahan made a spectacular entrance with a series of pirouettes and it was clear they were ready to show Dublin a good time.

The set began with “Welcome to My World” and “Angels”, two songs from “Delta Machine”, the band’s new album, released earlier this year. A bit to my surprise, to be honest, they were received extremely well. Not that the songs don’t deserve it, but even among the hardcore DM fans there are mixed feelings about the new album. Moreover, you wouldn’t expect people to know the lyrics to all the new songs. I suppose it’s another sign of how devoted Depeche Mode fans are.

The third and forth song performed are two classics, “Walking in My Shoes” and “Precious”, that got everyone on their feet and dancing. Yes, even those who bought seated tickets. Taking us through albums like “Playing The Angel”, “Black Celebration” and “Violator” with song from “Delta Machine” sprinkled throughout the setlist, the band created a fantastic show.

Impeccable sound and impressive visual effects were two of the other ingredients that contributed to the show.

Of course, the main actors, the band were in top shape. From the flawless vocals to the shiny outfits, make-up and dance moves, everything was spectacular. Dave Gahan was as “electric” as ever. None of the band members revealed the slightest trace of boredom or fatigue, as you sometimes see with bands that have been active for as long as Depeche Mode.

Martin Gore also deserves a special mention after the Dublin show. Besides the charisma, outfit and overall presence on the stage, the man responsible for most of the band’s hits also impressed the audience on the couple of songs on which he took role of leading vocals. The cheering didn’t stop after “But Not Tonight” until Martin, genuinely impressed, said “Thank you, you are very kind”.

Some of the other highlights of the night were “Personal Jesus” and “Enjoy The Silence” where you couldn’t hear anything from the speakers over the thousands of fans singing at once.

The encore brought the band back for five more songs: “Shake the Disease”, “Halo”, “Just Can’t Get Enough”, “I Feel You” and “Never Let Me Down Again”. Dave didn’t return for the first song, leaving Martin to perform another acoustic song to the delight of the crowd. Returning for the last four songs, Dave, wearing a totally new outfit, looked ready for at least two more hours of singing. Like all good things, the concert had to come to an end.

Many people said this was the concert of the year. It really was one of the best we’ve seen lately, that’s for sure. Truly impressive!

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Setlist Depeche Mode, O2 Dublin:

  • Welcome to My World
  • Angel
  • Walking in My Shoes
  • Precious
  • Black Celebration
  • Should Be Higher
  • Policy of Truth
  • The Child Inside
  • But Not Tonight
  • Heaven
  • Behind the Wheel
  • A Pain That I’m Used To
  • A Question of Time
  • Enjoy the Silence
  • Personal Jesus


  • Shake the Disease
  • Halo
  • Just Can’t Get Enough
  • I Feel You
  • Never Let Me Down Again

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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