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Ed Sheeran 3Arena, Dublin Photos Review

From my seat I can clearly see fans pressed against the barriers. The entire ground floor is jammed with individuals leaning forward to attain the perfect view. As always, in this grand venue, I am totally satisfied with my own path of vision from the immaculately set rows of seating. Suddenly, the lights die and piercing screams ring all around.

The set up is fantastic – mesmerising screens glow with images of the singer and splashing colours. Sheeran bounces between two mics, completely pumped up to perform. The term ‘blown away’ is truly the adequate description of my reaction to this artist’s level of energy. His firecracker ways transmit through to the audience and so, from the outset, we clap and jump about. At one point the man in front of me air drums along to the musician’s accelerated strumming. The roof is about to burst with Sheeran’s powerful presence. Many people would often associate an Ed Sheeran gig with tears and heart-wrenching emotion, but it is now clear that pure revelry will be the dominating factor of the evening.

“At the end of the gig we all need to lose our voice”.
The singer demands audience interaction – a factor that is key to the concert’s success as well as everyone’s enjoyment. The vast crowd echoes back every word to ‘Lego House’ – a particular tune that exhibits Sheeran’s pitch perfect vocals. Each note is exceptionally flawless. Hundreds of phones illuminate the darkness like stars, further adding to the magic.

As well as claiming the title of an exceptional vocalist, Sheeran is also a wicked dancer – as proven by his mighty groove during ‘Don’t’. A master of his instrument, he produces a marvellous rhythm from his acoustic guitar. As if ‘Don’t’ wasn’t catchy enough, Sheeran fits in a ‘No Diggity’ cover. This is a repeated technique that I commend Sheeran for. Including classics like this,’Everybody’ by the Backstreet Boys and ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ makes for a more thrilling show.
It is apparent that this talented musician relishes the experience, cracking heart-warming grins at the sight of his fans. Our presence lifts his spirit and so, we feel appreciated.

The jaw-dropping moment of the night arrives when Sheeran lets down his guitar, pushes away the mic stand and raps – unfazed and untiring despite the layer of sweat sitting on his cheeks. Every muscle and every inch of him is dedicated to this performance. As he buzzes about the stage, I wonder in awe how he does it. This relentless energy is simply mind-blowing. Another notable point to be said for his set is the excitement maintained by the different sounds. He has an ability to change it up, to keep us gripped.

What really strikes me about this guy is that he is just unbelievably sound. I can see when it he sings comforting words like “I swear it will get easier” in ‘Photograph’. I can see it when he thoughtfully thanks everyone who made the journey from counties beyond Dublin. I can see it when he consistently opens his heart to the audience.

‘Thinking Out Loud’ is undoubtedly a highlight song. Whilst making the transition to an electric guitar, Sheeran encourages everyone to give the person present that they love a squeeze. A mist of romantic pink and blue light shines through the arena as couples kiss and friends embrace. If love made a sound, then its decibels would here rise higher than any of the evening’s deafening cheers. This heartwarming sensation, matched with the song’s sheer beauty makes for a beyond special moment in the 3Arena.

It is astonishing that such a vibrant spectacle can come from one man and his guitar. With his immense loop pedal skills, his stamina, and his top class vocal and instrumental abilities, Sheeran has managed to create a show as vivacious as any other with a full ensemble could be.
By the end the atmosphere has reached phenomenal heights. I’m not even the biggest Ed Sheeran fan here yet I’m belting out the lyrics with passion, lost in the whirlwind of thunderous stamping, whistles and screams.
Everyone is standing and dancing, inebriated with joy. The beloved performer wanders off and the wild cheers roar on – reflecting our absolute gratitude for this remarkable night.

Review by Shannon Welby
Photos by Tudor Marian


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