Ed Sheeran at Vicar Street – Review & Photos

Ed Sheeran, Vicar Street, Dublin

Ed Sheeran, Vicar Street, DublinEd Sheeran played a gig at Vicar Street on May 5th 2014.

Ed Sheeran surprised his Irish fans late last week by announcing a Vicar Street performance on Monday. Tickets sold out almost instantly as the last time he was in Dublin he played at the O2. His third performance of the day proves just how massively talented and dedicated this man is.

A bustling, packed crowd make the atmosphere in the venue electric, every one in here knows that it’s a privilege to be seeing the singer-songwriter in such an intimate setting. Tonight is a showcase of his upcoming album, so there is a mixture between old and new material.

As Ed Sheeran takes to stage the crowd is deafening. Starting with the extended version of ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ which includes sections of Bob Marley, the night is off to a high start. It is entirely obvious from the moment he comes on stage that Ed Sheeran is so much more confident than he used to be, he walks around the stage more while he performs, and has more charisma than he used to.

Throughout the night he proves over and over again how talented he is, this mixed with his modest and endearing personality, there is very little not to like about his stage presence. The audience is literally in awe of this man at times, and obeys all of his orders; between learning and repeating parts to his songs such as ‘Lego House’ to moments where you could hear a pin drop because he has asked them to be quiet.

As well as his ‘classics’ his new songs are welcomed with a reaction that is normally reserved for the biggest songs, his fans cannot wait to hear his new stuff – and from what he shows tonight, with songs like ‘One’ and ‘Tenerife Sea’, among others, sounds like the upcoming album will not disappoint.

He talks about his Irish connection and includes a bit of ‘The Parting Glass’ and ‘Raglan Road’ in his set. Despite the fact that tonight’s show is being streamed online, it feels completely personal, there is no sense that he is talking or singing to anyone other than the people in the room. The anticipation for his new album is at an all time high at this stage.

Everyone leaving the venue has to be impressed with Ed Sheeran’s talent, between his witty lyrics, impressive guitar and vocal abilities, and his crowd interaction, there is little left to be desired. People often praise Sheeran for being ‘just an ordinary guy’, but tonight proves that he is anything but ordinary.

Review by Orla Conway

Photos by Tudor Marian


Tudor Marian

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