Editors at the Olympia Theatre – Photos and Review

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Editors played the Olympia Theatre, Dublin last Wednesday, November 20th.

The Olympia Theatre was full once again on Wednesday night for Editors’ highly anticipated return to Dublin.

The Birmingham five-piece are currently touring Europe, promoting their latest album “The Weight of Your Love”, released in June 2013. Being the first album in four years from Editors, they embarked on a long tour that included gigs in all corners of the continent.

Dim lighting and a stage filled with smoke welcomed the band who, in a wave of excitement from the audience, began their set with “Sugar”, followed by “Someone Says”, from Editors’ 2005 album “The Back Room”. By this time, Editors frontman Tom Smith was already on his knees on the stage, wrapped in the microphone cord. Everyone in the band enjoyed being on stage and seemed to have fun up there, but none of them was close to how Tom was feeling the show.

Whether he was changing guitars between songs, using and abandoning the mic stand, playing the piano or climbing it to sing while standing on it, Tom was always in a rush. But in a good way. It felt like he was eager to sing more, dance more and make sure everyone’s having a good time. It’s always nice to see that even after a few months of touring, the band is still hungry for playing.

As the set progressed more and more people started singing along and dancing, even those from the balcony – the seated section. Hits like “Formaldehyde” and “A Ton Of Love” were some of the most appreciated tunes from the first half of the set.

The sound was crystal clear. The instruments blended perfectly and Tom’s voice was in top shape. Add dry ice, strobes and coloured lights into the mix and you can get an idea of how the show felt.

“Munich”, another song from the band’s debut album, was one of the highlights of the second half of the set.

The Encore had the lads back for three more songs. The first two, “Bricks and Mortar” and “Nothing” seemed to be short, but I suppose it’s because everyone knew Editors were saving the best for last. “Papillon” was, not surprisingly, the last tune. The band chose to play an extended version, a proper ending for a truly great show.

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Photos by Tudor Marian


  1. Sugar
  2. Someone Says
  3. Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
  4. Bones
  5. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
  6. All Sparks
  7. Two Hearted Spider
  8. You Don’t Know Love
  9. Formaldehyde
  10. A Ton of Love
  11. An End Has a Start
  12. Bullets
  13. In This Light and on This Evening
  14. Munich
  15. The Racing Rats
  16. Honesty
  17. Bricks and Mortar
  18. Nothing
  19. Papillon

Photos by Tudor Marian



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