Electric Six at the Academy – Review and Photos

Electric SixElectric Six at the Academy – November 30th

Detriot act Electric Six have been on the go since the 90’s, and are famed for fusing their sound with elements of garage, disco, punk rock, new wave, and metal laced with comedic lyrics and performance. Apparently they heard they were no longer cool, perhaps the jam packed house of fanatics and followers at The Academy last Saturday night will put that rumor to bed. Excellent support from Andy-D.

Dick Valentine in a dapper black suit, crooned and shoot at us with awfully cheesy finger pistols. Undeniably, a night of pandemonium and hilarity was ahead of us. Blasting straight in with new material from their tenth studio album ‘Mustang’ (October 2013), the crowd went completely wild jumping straight into a mosh pit. Valentine’s voice hasn’t changed at all, sounding incredibly articulate for ‘She’s White’ and ‘McDonellzz’, the howls of delight from their devoted following was riotous.

Valentine told us to his disbelief that they had heard the rumor – that they were no longer cool over here, and they wanted to show us ‘exactly’ how cool they were by demolishing it with new single ‘The New Shampoo’, which was absolutely brilliant cheesy, funk rock. Valentine’s vocal is operatic in places for ‘Gridlock’, but in fairness this is supposed to be funny because as good as he is, you just can’t stop laughing whenever he does this.

Lovingly shooting us with his fingers and smiling manically at us, he smashed onwards helped along by his band and the awesome Martin O’Neill on drums, who performed a mental drum solo. Victoria from Andy-D joined in for ‘Danger! High Voltage’ sent the crowd into a crowd surfing frenzy, while Andy-D wrapped along for ‘It Gets Hot’ followed by more crowd moshing and they took a slower pace for ‘Hello! I See You’ and ‘Dirty Looks’.

Before the gig a contest was held for fans who wanted to play a cowbell and the winner Eva was invited onstage into the spotlight, while Wolf on guitar blasted out that famous ‘Gay Bar’ riff … but oh no when it ended, it wasn’t over! A second winner was invited up to play the famous cowbell, and they played the entire song all over again, to roars of delight and rock gestures. Discussing the role of the UK and Ireland in American history, he moved on to why we should buy Mustang and then swung into ‘Show Me Your Lights & Shit’ for the ladies, who shrilled with delight.

Several awe-inspiring songs followed, slowing the pace with ‘Adam Levinne’ this gave the crowd some downtime to think about Adam and the pending havoc. Valentine amused and joked with us the entire time during ‘Dance Epidemic’ and ‘I Buy The Drugs’. For the grand finale and last song, he devoted ‘Witchy’ to all the lesbians in the house and asked us all to get to crouch on our honkers, while he crooned ‘Can you feel it? It’s a feeling!’ after which everyone jumped up for more moshing, dancing and rocking out, they left the stage amidst shouts for more from the house. Delighting us they returned for one more, ending officially on ‘Dance Commander’ – smoke lights down and so ended a night of pleasant mayhem.

Such a night of high energy, and yes Electric Six were roasting hot, even if their last hit was almost ten years ago, so what, myself and everyone who went last night cannot wait to see them on our shores again.

Review by Aine Byrne

Photos by Ian Blount


Lucy Ivan

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