Elm – ‘Amends’ Single – Review

Elm Amends Single Review

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Elm Amends Single Review

The second single lifted from Elm’s gorgeous eponymous debut EP, ‘Amends’, is a hushed fragile ballad centred around the personality contrasts at the core of human relationships. Opening with post-rock style guitar notes, singer Dylan Walsh’s hushed tones immediately grab the attention as he half whispers ‘meet at a tolling bell, there all my secrets I will tell’. Seldom does one hear the use of stringed instruments in the current Irish scene, but the use of the cello gives the band’s music an emotional depth similar to that of fellow Irish acts Damien Rice and The Frames in their softer moments.

Most impressive of all is how Elm blend their influences to create something completely unique. Elements of confessional singer-songwriters merge with the lush soundscapes of Sigur Rós and minimalist movie soundtracks. Growing to a glorious crashing finale, ‘Amends’ shows the band can do dramatic just as well as they do intimate. The success of acts like Villagers, both at home and abroad, in recent years, proves there is an eager audience for this style of enchanting music with profound lyrical depth. With songs this good on their debut release, this Dublin five-piece are amongst the most exciting new bands in the country right now. Put simply, if record label A&R departments are not keeping tabs on Elm, then they’re not doing their jobs properly.

Check out the beautifully shot music video below.


Gary O'Donnell

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