Enter Metropolis – ‘Bright Lights’ album – Review

Enter Metropolis Bright Lights Review

Enter Metropolis Bright Lights Review

2002. Can you remember what you were doing then? At the age of ten, I can only imagine I was doing something rather unimpressive with my life. However, there was a band by the name of Peachbox touring Spain, Germany, and the USA, more impressive than their far-reaching touring was their choice of venues, not just any gigs but festivals like “Rock Am Ring”, joining some other extremely fine musicians on that renowned stage. Sadly, it was not meant to be for Peachbox when their singer/bass player decided to leave but in the wake of his departure, a new frontman took the helm and brought about the creation of Enter Metropolis. So not only was the band able to enjoy the wealth of experience they had gained from touring through Europe, North America, and playing one of the greatest European rock festivals, there was the injection of new life and musical inspiration with their new frontman, it seems as if Enter Metropolis is enjoying the best of both worlds.

Now Ireland bound, Enter Metropolis, bring their incredibly diverse sound (think Pendulum meets Thirty Seconds of Mars and then meets Biffy Clyro) to the capital later this month. If you’re a fan of a good mosh or head-banging session then these are just the boys for you. Their latest album, “Bright Lights”, is the sort of anthem-packed, guitar heavy offering that comes as a dramatic change to what’s popular in the charts as of late. These guys don’t mess around when it comes around to their more rock heavy tracks, those guitars are not for display purposes only. “Absurd Reality” is the kind of vocally charged track that harks back to Pendulum’s first two albums, it’s the pounding, pulsating sound that is inevitably going to be amazing when you get to experience it live. However, just when you think you’ve pinned this band down in a genre they go and switch the game completely, reflecting a more Muse-like quality to their sound. There’s a noticeably more reserved guitar present in tracks like “Tamed Lion” and “New Flight”, there’s a more restrained element to these tracks with the focus much more on the powerhouse vocals that seem to engulf an entire track at times. The entire albums seems to be a master class in how to give your fans range, Enter Metropolis effortlessly changes gears throughout the album, with “Goldmine” and “My World as Mine” as a sort of more drum heavy interpretations of Imagine Dragons. It’s clear to see how Peachbox has evolved into Enter Metropolis, carrying on their experiences in as a newly emerging band into a most focused, dedicated version of its former self. As for the title track, “Bright Lights”, well, that’s just an exercise in musical prowess, it seems to be the perfect embodiment of the band’s musical influences, resulting in this riveting culmination of rock/indie/metal.

I’ll admit it, I’m excited to see this musical chameleon in action in the Bello Bar on the 28th of March. I can already sense that it’s going to be an event full of fans eagerly grinding their air guitars and giving themselves whiplash trying to head bang along with the band. Hopefully, Enter Metropolis’ first time in Ireland will be as enjoyable for them as I’m sure it will be for their fans over here.

Review by Elaine McDonald


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