Everything Shook – Irish Band Of The Week

Everything Shook - Irish Band Of The Week

Everything Shook - Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is Everything Shook, a tree-piece band hailing from Dublin. Comprised of Jessica Kennedy, Áine Stapleton, and Robyn Bromfield, the band have been tipped as the latest up-and-coming stars, being included as one of The Irish Times Best Irish Acts of 2014. Since then, the girls have played a whole range of venues, from festivals, art galleries, and even bookshops; traditional or contemporary, large or small. The band have a quirky element to their performances also, playing on old keyboards, synths, bass guitar, electronic drums, food blenders and toy instruments to create a unique, electric sound. Their stage presence and sound are both dramatic and spirited, drawing upon unique aesthetic undertones as well as cloyingly dark elements of electronica.

In April 2015, they released their first EP, Argento Nights, a beautifully curated compilation of darkly enchanting tracks, coupled with more delicate tracks, reflecting night-time musings. Undeniably, their sound has the sort of idiosyncrasy that comes once in a blue moon, and their love of pulsating electronica certainly leaves an impression in the mind. The brooding darkness of their tracks cut through all the noise of today and offers you their pragmatic observations. With the lyrics varying from otherworldly lullings to jolting yelps and groans, one never really knows what to expect from the band. Their nonchalance and indifference to anyone’s opinion is half their appeal to the listener.

Only recently they released a new track, ‘Bed Stain’. Deliciously gritty and real, it’s a track that perfectly reflects this band’s narrative arc.


Elaine McDonald

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