Fall Out Boy at The Olympia Theatre – Review & Photos

Fall Out Boy Olympia Theatre Review Photos

Fall Out Boy Olympia Theatre Review PhotosA Night With Fall Out Boy
The Olympia Theatre
March 18th 2014

With a band as big as Fall Out Boy making a return, I’m not surprised tonight’s show is totally sold out. You were lucky to get a ticket, as from what I’ve heard, they sold out almost immediately! This is not a comeback to be missed. The most notable thing I noticed while standing in the queue is the age groups present tonight. You have people my age, younger teenagers and even adults (and some of them were more excited that the younger teenagers believe me!). This shows how a band like Fall Out Boy have reached out to the various generations for their entire career, making this a very successful night alone in my eyes. If you can keep adults interested in pop-punk music, that’s something to behold in my opinion!  The atmosphere in the bar inside the Olympia before the set is so chilled and relaxed, which is the complete opposite of what tonight’s performance was.

The fact there is no support group(s) tonight sends out a strong message: Tonight is all about Fall Out Boy giving the fans the best comeback that they can give, and that they do to a tee. They came on stage a little later than expected, but this didn’t bruise the band’s Fall Out Boy Olympia Theatre Review Photosperformance one bit. The entire jam-packed theatre goes dark, everyone begins to cheer and scream for the band about to come on stage (even the manliest of men, you know who you are). The band appears on stage with black balaclavas and a giant flag held triumphantly by bassist Pete Wentz as they break into ‘The Phoenix’. Wentz waves the flag in one of two ways: either this is a revolution, or this means war.  Either way, it’s going to be wild.  Tonight’s show consists of the perfect mix between old and new tracks, including ‘Alone Together’, ‘Death Valley’, ‘Young Volcanoes’, and ‘Just One Yesterday’ off their latest release ‘Save Rock and Roll’; and ‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’, ‘Dance Dance’ and ‘I Don’t Care’ off previous albums. The show is nicely broken up in the middle with an acoustic set of ‘Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year’ and ‘Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy’, with a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ just before the acoustic set. This show is pure energy with the crowd singing along to every word to every song with the band (at times, it was almost impossible to hear the band due to all the voices singing along). They finish tonight’s set with super-hit ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’ before leaving the stage. The chants for more begin almost immediately, and the band returns to the stage for an encore consisting of ‘Save Rock and Roll’, ‘Thnks Fr Th Mmrs’ and ‘Saturday’, with Pete Wentz coming down to the crowd during ‘Saturday’.

Balloons falling from the ceiling, catchy tunes, electrifying energy, awesome sing-a-longs, an acoustic set and an amazing vocal and instrumental performance by the band; this was certainly a Night with Fall Out Boy, and a night no one will be forgetting for a long time.

Review by Shauna Collins

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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