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foxgloveFoxglove at Whelan’s – February 6th 

Whelan’s have that characteristic hidden rooms where different gigs happen at the same time. Each of them is perfect to the type of gig you want to listen to: the atmosphere, the size and the location. This time it wasn’t different and the venue given to Foxglove was the ideal space to present their new EP “Go the Underdog”.

Cosy room, with no more lights than the ones coming out from some candles and a direct light focused on Niamh Murphy’s piano. As said, the atmosphere created by Whelan’s couldn’t fit better with Niamh’s music. We strongly believe a gig is not only about the band who are playing: liking them or not is not the main thing.

A gig is about a proper sound system, the atmosphere, the people around you, the lights and what all of that combined brings to yourself. To sum up, a gig is all about an experience, and this is what we definitely can highlight from Floxgove gig this Thursday.

Preceded by Niall Thomas with an amazing and vibrating acoustic, Foxglove started with Golden Bridge as a kick that turned on the senses of all of the audience. Great start for a gig that didn’t lose its line during the whole hour and a half that it lasted. That perfect order of the songs in a concert is not easy to achieve as the public may get distracted at some stage.

Not the case for Niamh, who captivated the audience from the very first moment and was able to keep us totally focused and immersed in her beautiful voice. Another disappointment you may have when going for the first time to a gig of a band you really like it’s the difference compared with the recordings. Sometimes, voices are fixed in the albums and the quality of the live performance does not always fit your expectations, right?

Well, we definitely can say with Foxglove it’s actually the opposite. Her performance is even better. Also, the fiddle player and the choir that accompanied her are just brilliant and extremely talented. It’s always great to discover the amazing work behind the recordings and the stories behind the tunes.

From Floxglove’s new EP, we highlight ‘Crazy at the Helm’, as the star both of the concert and of the whole EP. New sound brought to Niamh’s style that completes it with dynamism, strength and beautiful lyrics.

Review by Sofia J. Valls


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