Foy Vance at The Sugar Club (photos)

Foy VanceThe Sugar Club hosted Foy Vance on Thursday, March 7th.

Foy Vance is a Northern Irish musician from Bangor. His first single, “Gabriel and the Vagabond”, released in 2006, was featured in the second season of Grey’s Anatomy. Since his debut in 2006, Foy Vance has released eight EPs and one studio album. His forthcoming album titled “The Joy Of Nothing” will be released this summer.

Foy Vance’s gig at The Sugar Club started with Foy coming onstage solo to start off and for the second song was joined by his bassist, his drummer and both Farriers and Foreign Slippers, the bands that played before him. After the 3rd song, he slipped into a quick cover of the chorus Macklemore’s Thrift Shop which was ridiculously well received.

Find out more about Foy Vance on his website.

Photos by Laur Ryan.


Lucy Ivan

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