Foy Vance – ‘Joy of Nothing’

Foy VanceNo one would bat an eyelid if the artist name on this album was Bruce O’Springsteen such are the influences contained in this smashing piece of work. Foy Vance has come back bigger and better than before, silencing his critics (which were few and far between to begin with).

The album opens with the piano intro of Closed Hand, Full of Friends culminating into a big finish giving you a real appetite for the album. The title track Joy of Nothing follows next, a peaceful ballad that really sets the mood and shows the true range of vocals from Vance with some wonderful falsetto.

One of the stand-out tracks At Least My Heart Was Open brings back that American Southwest Rock feel that spreads across the album. How he manages to switch between genres from song to song but manage to keep it individual is a joy to behold. The folk tones of You and I and Janey and ballads Feel for Me and Guiding Light (featuring Ed Sheeran) tells us, the listener, who Foy Vance really is as he really wears his heart on his sleeve.

Joy of Nothing was a long time in the making, but it was certainly worth the wait. He poured everything into the making of this album and it certainly shows. Since his debut album Hope in 2007, Vance has released some EP’s along the way but you always felt his heart was never in it and Joy of Nothing nullifies that worry.

Review by Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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