Frankenstein Bolts – Irish Band Of The Week

Frankenstein Bolts Irish Band Of The Week

Frankenstein Bolts Irish Band Of The Week

Considering that Halloween is less than a week away it makes sense that this week’s Irish Band of the Week should have a little bit of spookiness to it but still be a representation of the wonderful music that Ireland has to offer. Frankenstein Bolts fill all this criteria perfectly. The Wexford-based, dream-pop band comprised of Justin Cullen and Dan Comerford is taking over the music scene with their shimmering, provocative, synth-pop sound one song at a time.

Frankenstein Bolts was originally founded by Justin, a singer-songwriter from Wexford. He initially released his first solo album, Slow Season, under the pseudonym of Frankenstein Bolts in April of last year. He then went on to collaborate with Dan Comerford, a talented guitarist and vocalist, to bring his songs to life at live shows. The two work in perfect harmony, mingling folk, pop, synth, and a little bit of enchantment to create what they describe as a ‘dream pop’.

Quite recently they released ‘Lost Shells’, which is just a taster of what one should expect from their second studio album. There’s an understated beauty to this single from beginning to end, with a sort iridescent, ethereal sound to it. The hazy quality allows the listener to appreciate the songwriting effort in its most organic form.

This enticing sample of what to expect from the band’s sophomore music offering marks a definite determination in the band to carve out their own fortune and legacy. If ‘Lost Shells’ is anything to go by, then we should all look forward to the realised of Frankenstein Bolt’s second album early next year.

Listen to ‘Lost Shells’ here:


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