Frankie Cocozza at Academy 2 (Photos & Review)

Frankie Cocozza

Just over two years after dramatically being axed for The X Factor, Brighton-born Frankie Cocozza took to the stage at Dublin’s The Academy 2 on Tuesday, March 26th. After narrowly missing out on the Celebrity Big Brother crown, Frankie released his debut EP “ The Motorcycle” in November of last year which reached at number 19 on Itunes online chart. However, his debut single failed to deliver peaking at number 89 in the charts.

Frankie comes to the stage with a full backing band and unexpectedly does not portray the devilish young lad traits that garnered him so much fame on X Factor. Instead, he is brimming with the charms of a cheeky English chappy. His persona is much turned down, lacking any of the boldness and he’s doing everything in his power to please the legion of fourteen to sixteen year old girls that fill the Academy 2 floor. Lifting the tricolor between tracks and even personally greeting half of the front row, he earns the screams of his fans purely by his charm. He certainly knows how to work a crowd, which is lucky for him seeing as his debut single, which opens tonight’s show, doesn’t receive such a great reaction. The track lacks any hint of lyrical charm with Cocozza chanting: ‘Why, why, why am I out of luck? / Cos I’ve seen others fill you up. / On your motorcycle / Your big bad motorcycle.’

Regardless, the crowd eats it all up, showing that Cocozza knows exactly how to appeal to his teenage girl demographic. With only four tracks on his EP, Cocozza’s set list is made up of cover songs causing him have to quickly turn to a lackluster cover of Rihanna’s “What’s My Name”, a track which he performed at the Judge’s Houses stage of his short-lived X Factor career. Whatever the opinion of critics regarding Cocozza’s musical and songwriting ability may be, it’s clear from tonight’s Academy 2 show, that his X Factor career has paved a path for him and gained him a swarm of dedicated screaming fan girls guaranteeing his live tour ticket sales, even though he may only make it as far as your local pub.

Photos and review by Laur Ryan



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