‘Friday’ & ‘Tiger Lilly’ – Slow Place Like Home

'Friday' & 'Tiget Lilly' - Slow Place Like Home

'Friday' & 'Tiget Lilly' - Slow Place Like Home

Donegal-based Keith Mannion, aka Slow Place Like Home, has been releasing some expertly crafted music for quite some time. As well as the array of EPs he has created, he’s also been fortunate enough to hone his live shows to a fine art, performing alongside an array of homegrown and international talent including Squarepusher, Perfume Genius, Gold Panda, Ólöf Arnalds, Kate Boy, The Cyclist, Moodoïd, Ratking, Glass Animals, and Pantha Du Prince. His lives performances have also benefitted with slots in several festivals such as Body & Soul and Electric Picnic.

Receiving a series of nods from several prestigious forums including. The Irish Times and BBC Radio to name but a few, Mannion is clearly never one to let the dust settle. His latest musical offering, a brand new double A-sided single in ‘Tiger Lilly’ & ‘Friday‘, is a follow up to debut album in 2015, being released exclusively on 10″ Vinyl, on 23 May 2016. Written, recorded, and produced in its entirety in the isolated forests of South Donegal (as have all his previous releases have originated from) this new sound is more refined, focusing on the live setting and story telling.

‘Tiger Lilly’ is almost throwback to the 80s in a sense, the progressive hum of bass and the richly layered vocals make this song seem like a homage to a music period long gone. However, Slow Place Like Home has a way of making it feel more relevant to audiences – telling the story of a reflective delinquency from the eyes of an actual night owl. In spite of the fact that this is a tale of how not to spend an evening by the coast, there’s an infectious beat to it with a hook that just lures you back in.

‘Friday’ has this sort of spine-tingling reverb that slowly simmers, building to a wondrously rich electro feeling. At eight minutes long it’s an intense listen but there’s a narrative story arc to consider – a self-styled magician and Coulrophobic who believes she has special powers, in which she senses a person from the community’s fears and tries to re-enact it, during her weekly performances in a local hall – conveying all this in less than ten minutes is a feat in itself to say the least. The layering of vocals adds a haunting quality and there’s an intrinsic elegance to the gentle, twinkling of electronica that shines through, beneath the layered vocals of Mannion and teenager Danielle Masterson to the mix.

The entire work is an exercise in reining in this restless energy that Slow Place Like Home has and regurgitating something that’s measured, controlled, but still true to form. It’s fresh, it’s alive, it’s elegant electronica which is shimmering hints of modern pop for good measure.

Catch Slow Place Like Home at the following dates:

27 May – Shed Show, Donegal, IE

8 July – The Workman’s Club, Dublin, IE

19/21 August – Another Love Story 2016, Killyon Manor, Meath, IE


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