Gangs’ ‘Back To School’ EP – Review

Gangs, Back To School EP, Review

Gangs, Back To School EP, Review

Back to School is the debut EP from Dublin four piece GANGS. The energetic and upbeat release is but a short taster of things to come from this group of young Tallaght upstarts. Wearing their mod anoraks like badges of honour, the record reflects the bands stated influences, the music redolent of The Jam and late 1970’s Irish act, The Blades, whose bassist, Brian Foley, takes the reins as producer on this record.

The four track EP opens with ‘Daisy’, a spirited pop-rock romp with crisp, bright electric guitar at its centre. The tale told is one of young love and the youthful exuberance of the lyrics ‘Daisy, I’ll never leave you’ is matched by an equally energetic rhythm section, bouncing bass and Keith Moon-esque pounding drums providing driving momentum throughout.

‘Young Employment’ concerns itself with the tribulations of the Irish youth and their plight entering the workforce. Cutting guitars chop and slice as lead singer Jordan Curtis laments a departure from the everyday, ‘looking for a way out’ leading on to an anthemic sing-along chorus. The eponymous ‘Back to School’ is a brooding indie rock beast, whilst ‘Poison in Your Liffey Blood’, the final track of the EP, echoes of Oasis, especially the acoustic guitar driven intro.

Although suffering from a lack of variation and dynamic depth, Back to School is indeed a powerful piece of electric guitar driven indie pop. Rousing choruses abound, crisp guitars cut, drums and bass drive. Not a bad debut from these Tallaght young lads. 

Back to School will be released through Reekus Records on Friday 26th September.

GANGS play the Academy 2 on 27th September.

Review by Andy Guyett


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