Gavin Glass – ‘Better Left Alone’ Review

Gavin Glass Better Left Alone

Gavin Glass Better Left Alone

Renowned producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Gavin Glass is one of the busiest men in Irish music, having released three critically acclaimed solo albums and producing and playing on countless others over a career spanning twenty years. Now, with his fourth album, Sunday Songs, set to be released on the 22nd of May, Glass finds himself at the forefront of an Irish music movement that has been dubbed ‘Eirecana’.

Lead single ‘Better Off Alone’ embodies this unique genre, taking Americana influences and serving them up with a subtle Irish twist. Glass’ voice is delicate and soulful as he reflects on love and loss, wearing his heart on his sleeve. The honesty and openness of the songwriting is sure to endear listeners to the Dublin-based musician. Glass has spent time recording in Nashville in the past and the impact of this experience has clearly influenced his musical output. Country-inspired instrumentation and richly textured production characterise this new track.

If ‘Better Off Alone’ is indicative of the tone of Sunday Songs we can expect more reflective lyrics and engaging melodies from the talented Irishman with the old American soul.

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By Shane Croghan


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