Go Swim’s ‘Animal’ EP – Review


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Let’s talk about Go Swim; they’re an impressive little group to say the least. Comprised of three guys and a gal, just 9 months after forming, they’ve created a sound that is the musical equivalent of biting a lemon: zesty, sharp, and, I assume, go great with vodka. Messing aside, their sound is this sort of entrancing mixture of shimmering guitars, beautifully mingled harmonies, a hopping drum, and a pumped up bass. With their debut EP release of ‘Animal’ just on the horizon, this is a band to watch. In fact, their last single release, ‘Call Sign’ not only achieved critical acclaim across Ireland and the UK, it also enjoyed national radio play.

I can’t really think of anything else quite so impressive that has managed to emerge in under a year, particularly when one considers that the band’s peppy stage performance and spirited essence allowed them to take the prized position of support act for the Kaiser Chiefs at this year’s Feile an Phobail, Belfast. If that wasn’t enough, to add a cherry to the ice cream sundae that is Go Swim’s musical rise and rise, Dan Hegarty of RTE 2FM admitted, ‘I love that band, everything they’ve put out so far has so impressed’. If you like Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club, or Two Door Cinema Club, then this is the group you need to add to your music library. ASAP.

It’s unsurprising that ‘Animal’ became the title track of this EP, it’s so incredibly catchy. There’s a tantalising essence to their harmonies, and the shimmer of guitars that seems to be idiosyncratic to the band just make this an absolute gem of a track. Everything about this track just screams chart-topper; they have a sort indie-retro charm that just catches the ear and never let’s go. ‘Automate’ is another track just had that sense of ready-made hit to it, the shimmer guitar is once again prevalent but with a more classic Two Door Cinema Club to it. It’s obvious the Go Swim is a band who has their influences and somehow manages to embody them and make them anew. ‘Off the Trail’ demonstrates that the band has a real style of its own, refusing to let its musical influences to totally overpower its sound. Their lyrics are right out of an Oscar Wilde play, well, not exactly, but there is this brilliant whimsicality to it. It’s hard to listen to it without finding yourself chanting “we are colourful” along with the band.

It’s easy to see why “Call Sign”, achieved such wide acclaim, it has these awesome guitar riffs that remind me of a more skilled and vibrant version of Paramore. The combination of boy/girl harmonies just make this and absolute toe-tapping tune. Give it one listen and you’ll be addicted to Go Swim. There’s this sort of echoing charm to the track that lasts long after the track is over, and if this EP is anything to go by, then they’re definitely going to be a dream to see live. You better put seat belts on your ears because Go Swim are about to take them on the musical ride of their lives.

Listen to the ‘Animal’ EP here.

Review by Elaine McDonald


Lucy Ivan

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