Go Swim – Irish Band of the Week

go-swimGo Swim are a five-piece indie pop rock band from Belfast who have claimed our top spot as Irish Band of the Week this Monday, August 5th!

Never have I been so impressed with such a young, fresh Irish band and by the sounds of debut track “Halo”, you’d think they’ve been around for a lot longer than they have. They literally only played their first gig together at the start of June, and only formed in late spring but from everything I’ve heard and seen so far, long may they last.

The band boasts a combination of members from former Belfast local bands Parachutes Over Paris and Nakatomi Towers, and what an impressive combination it is. The teaser they’ve released of future tacks to whet our appetite was absolutely tantalising and they’re currently finishing up their EP, which is expected in the autumn.

Steven Smith is on lead vocals, Julianne Shaw on guitar and vocals, Connor Murray on bass, Des Hesketh on guitar and Stefan Malecki on drums and together they have that guitar pop anthem goodness almost down to a tee. Now we’re not saying they’re perfect, because that’s yet to be seen without an EP release, but to lead off with one track and end up with it on BBC Radio 1’s playlist a week later is verging on pretty damn impressive. Their sound verges on the Two Door Cinema Club niche and here’s hoping they don’t get confined into that mould. This quintet has a remarkable amount of potential and it would be a shame to seem them overlooked.

You get to give these new kids on the block a go and check out their material exclusively live on stage because they’re playing the Zebra night at Whelan’s on August 15th with The Notas and Thieves. Truly a night worth looking into.

Tickets are free in before 10.30pm and club entry fee applies from then onwards, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Check out their debut track “Halo” below!

Article by Laur Ryan


Lucy Ivan

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