Greg Clifford – ‘Confessions’ EP review

greg-gliffordResting on his laurels is not something that Greg Clifford thinks about too much. The Dublin singer songwriter is about to release his third EP in 15 months. Also, within this time (in January to be precise) he released his excellent self titled debut album. That’s some going.

It seems that the workaholic in Clifford brings out the best in him, he seems to be constantly writing new music which is brilliant to see. The brand new EP, released on the 22nd November, is entitled  ‘Confessions’ and features three more excellent acoustic guitar based tracks.

The first track ‘Confessions of a Man’ is Clifford’s most accessible song to date. It’s certainly one of his most radio friendly. Its chorus line of ‘just wanna hold you, and love you, just wanna hold you again’ . . . is seriously catchy. It’s the perfect pop song with Jack Sherry’s top notch violin playing adding another dimension to Clifford’s sound. ‘Take off your Mask’ gets a full band work over next. An acoustic version of this track first appeared as a bonus track on Clifford’s previous EP ‘The Temple Lane Recordings’ back in September. The final track ‘Wandering Man’ is another gem – a cracking little acoustic number where again Sherry adds something more, this time with some intricate flute play.

All in all, this is another solid EP from Greg Clifford. It’s surely only a matter of time before he gets the recognition his work deserves. You can listen to ‘Confessions’ on his Bandcamp page.

Check out the video for his song ‘Revolver’!

Review by Leon Byrne


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