Hard Working Class Heroes Day One – Review

Hard Working Class Heroes Day One Review

Hard Working Class Heroes Day One Review

After a long and busy three months of wet, messy and joyous festivals in Ireland’s finest fields, the prospects of ANOTHER Irish festival is hardly something worth shouting about. However, the annual Hard Working Class Heroes festival is upon us once again, and thankfully offers a completely different experience for those who prefer to sip craft beers in some of Dublin’s most happening venues instead of warm cider in a poorly constructed tent. Taking place in The Academy, The Workman’s Club and The Mercantile to name a few, variety is one thing that’s never in short supply here.

Starting at the IMC stage in the Academy, the first band to grace our presence are jazz/noise merchants, Nature. Co-ordinated around the compositions of Kevin Higgins, syncopated rhythms and slick guitar lines are wrapped up under the mysterious and soaring vocals of Sarah Red, often singing by means of syllables and chants, further adding to the mystique of the whole band. ‘Power Lust’ is an exceptional piece of music, with all members perfectly in sync with one another to an almost bizarre degree. Finishing with a huge wall of noise that would make Sonic Youth weep, their job is done.

Later on the same stage, My Tribe Your Tribe change up the vibes completely with their blend of electronically tinged indie rock. Often featuring two guitars and no bass, the sound they have is impressive with so little instrumentation. Although the set loses some momentum with some rather inoffensive and safe tunes in the middle, it picks up with the band’s next single, ‘Ghost With You’. Again finishing with a barrage of noise and fuzz, the boys impress.

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Moossmann is the last act in the green room we catch, who provides different vibes again with his deep house DJ set. As it does with most of these acts, the set flows fairly cohesively together, no one knowing when one tune ends and the next begins. Surprisingly, this is the quietest set thus far, which takes away from the atmosphere somewhat. Nevertheless, it provides another interesting changeup to the already incredibly diverse first day.

Finishing things up for the day, we catch the extraordinary Hare Squead in the Academy main room. With a nine piece band full of Dublin’s most accomplished musicians, the set is simply a party. Feel good vibes and sick beats are the order of the day here, clearly. ‘Beautawful World’ is the standout track of the headline set and does its job of getting everyone moving. The harmonies and sheer chemistry between the band is phenomenal and totally organic. A pleasure to watch, and a fitting end to the first day.

If day one is anything to go by, the next two days are shaping up to be more than promising. Now, for a Berocca and a power nap.


Finn O’Reilly

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