Herm at The Workman’s Club – Review

hermHerm at the Workman’s Club – Tuesday, 26th Jun, 2013
In support to Simone Felice.

You, yes you! You missed out on an unbelievable night of raw talent at The Workman’s Club. Simone Felice, American singer and band came to town supported by inspiring Dublin based HERM, an act that has been internationally accredited by Tom Waits for songwriting.

Herm, fronted by Kev Connolly, has many tales to tell through a sound that straddles a range of genres from neurotic indie rock, country rock and idiosyncratic pop, like a cross between Eels (minus the beard) and Nick Cave (Grinderman era). Catching HERM songs live it’s evident that something is going on here, something completely raw and authentic. Connelly’s vocal is a combination of Mark Oliver Everett and John McCrea’s singing style and he possesses powerful lyrical ability. His choice of band assistance is precision incarnate, selecting Bennie Reilly from well known Dublin act Little X’s For Eyes.

“Sad Song” stood out – an unexpectedly uplifting, rare treat for a song, quite upbeat. Last tune “Shotgun” for its rustic vocal quality leads on to masterly epic guitar riffs, this was just stunning. Overall HERM’s warm, authentic music and vibe felt like something selected from ‘Other Voices’. We wonder, what if HERM gave himself completely over to the dark side, plummeting deeper and deeper. Give yourself over HERM, we’re listening! You’re capable of making back to the good side.

Ones to watch, album is due to launch Autumn 2013, go get on Herm.

Review by Áine Byrne

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Lucy Ivan

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