Hermitage Green at Whelan’s – Photos and Review

Hermitage Green Whelans

Hermitage Green Whelans

Hermitage Green played a sold out show in Whelans on 23rd of October.  This was the first of two nights they were scheduled to play.  A five piece band from Limerick, Hermitage Green have an amazing following of fans and you can see the reason for the show selling out.

For people who were not aware, Hermitage Green were recording their live album and before they were due to come on stage, we were informed by a lovely lady that if it was at all possible to keep the chat to a minimum during the songs being performed, to which the crowd obliged with no complaints.

Opening the night with “And The Melodies Came” set the tone for the night in terms of energy and atmosphere for the crowd, who I should add were 90% women and right from the first word sang they were enjoying every second of it.

“And The Melodies Came” starts off slow but as it progresses the percussion comes in and creates a sort of feel good tone, starting the night off on a high.

Also performing a cover of Massive Attack’s “Tear Drop” which echoed around the venue and was an absolute delight to the listeners ears, with perfect harmonies and wonderful melodies throughout.

Being a folk rock group similarities between Mumford and Sons come through, but in their own way, they seem to be making a lot of noise and seem to be making a name for themselves with the success that has been coming their way lately.

With two percussionists, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, they certainly know how to entertain a crowd and command the stage with huge confidence.

“Gibson” an incredibly catchy song with heart pounding percussion throughout and its vocally flawless when performed live, it’s as if you are listening to the studio recorded version and dare I say, it sounds better performed live…

With so much talent coming out of Ireland at the moment, it seems hard to see if these bands can actually make it in terms of success, I feel that Hermitage Green might just get there if they keep up the level of work that they are doing at the moment. A must see band for those who are unaware of who they are. Superb night of music.

Cillian King Whelans

Cillian King was the support act on the night. Armed with just a guitar he started the night off well but due to no fault of his own had some terrible technical difficulties with his guitar cables not working. After some time of trying to figure out the issue, the cable was changed and he began strumming away but it wasn’t long before the same technical issues started again. That being said he apologised to the audience and seemed to have taken the previous issues in his stride. Vocally, Cillian is wonderful and has some very well written songs, but those technical issues seemed to have changed the mood of his performance. I would definitely like to see him live again, as from what I heard was very good.

Photos and review by Ian Blount


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