Hoax at the Academy 2 – Review

hoaxHoax opened for Cancer Bats at the Academy 2 on the 30th of May. This was only their 5th gig, and 2nd in Ireland, since they released their debut EP “New Oceans”.

The London rock group took to the small stage in the Academy basement to take on the intimate, all standing, over-18s gig. They dove straight in to intense, passionate slightly screamo vocals and a swell of music that claimed the whole of the venue with its power.

The tiny stage area was not enough to contain their opening number “Burn it to the Ground” with the band themselves nearly starting an onstage mosh pit with their energy, jumping and head-banging to the music.

The intensity lasted throughout the set despite the smallish crowd. Lead singer Adam made good use of the intimate space-screaming lyrics right into the faces of fans who were less than an arm’s length from the performers.

Despite the often scream style vocals, the rock vibe is incredibly strong with Hoax and makes their music particularly accessible and enjoyable-especially for listeners who might be a little unused to more hard-core or heavy scream-rock. Some of their set, tracks such as “High or Hold On”, really showed how this group have integrated the two sounds to complement each other in a way few bands in this genre manage.

The set went from strength to strength as they blazed through their debut tracks with frenzied energy that definitely infected the crowd. The louder, more intense moments were made all the more overwhelming with strategic pauses that allowed the sound to really pop; the contrast and clash between the gentler and more raw moments, especially in the vocals, was mind-blowing.

During “Jekyll meet Hyde”, the audience were cajoled closer to the stage to revel in the head-banging-tattoo-sleeved glory of the five-piece and the atmosphere really built from then on through “Bitter Angry Fake” to the end of the set.

Closing track “Mindgame” opened with haunting light music and vocals before exploding with sound that had the whole crowd nodding along in perfect unison as though hypnotised by the wave of sound washing over them. A spectacular end to the set, and a definite highlight of the night!

This group are most definitely ones to watch for 2013 and a new force in the ever expanding rock genre. They bring an element of passion and fun superior to many longer-established bands which makes their music addictive. They gave a truly phenomenal show and have a personality that infuses their music and made the gig an experience you won’t forget!

Review by Kat Clinch


Lucy Ivan

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