Hunting The Brave’s ‘Bolt from the Blue’ EP – Review



Hunting The Brave are a 2 piece, Indie, Pop Rock group from Dublin made up of Lead Vocalist John Sadlier and Lead Guitarist Hughie Devine. They are celebrating the release of their new EP in the Village on Friday the 20th of June following the release of their single, “Bolt From The Blue”.

The new EP has a very uplifting theme, and really puts a smile on my face everytime I listen to it, especially the track “Lifeline”. The bouncy guitar and drum rhythms make it a great walking song.

“Ultraviolet Master” takes the happy theme down a peg, but all the while managing to keep that uplifting tone throughout it. This is the type of song that makes you want to find the person you love and tell them exactly how you feel; The beautiful piano notes mixing with the smooth guitar transitions send shivers down my spine, and Sadlier’s seemingly effortless vocals top it off, making it my favourite track on the EP by far.

Hunting The Brave really show off their songwriting capabilities in this EP, as well as their precise vocal work, giving me due cause to recommend this EP to any listener who wants to kick back and relax to some lyrically deep and serene Indie music, while being able to keep a smile on your face.

Listen to ‘Bolt From The Blue’ below.

Review by Ciarán Watts


Lucy Ivan

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