I Draw Slow at Whelan’s (review & photos)

I Draw SlowI Draw Slow played Whelan’s last Friday, February 22nd.

Whelan’s was packed last Friday, both the main venue and the balcony upstairs. People gathered there long before the concert and waited patiently until I Draw Slow appeared on stage.

The band, visibly impressed by the warm welcome and the number of fans, started playing a few new tunes with great reactions from the audience. Louise and Dave Holden shared the story of each song before playing it which made us listen to the lyrics even more engaged. As soon as they finished showcasing their new material, the band got up from their chairs and prepared for the grand finale, a powerful section with their greatest hits. The people in the audience loved it and so did the band. The little looks they gave each other during the songs meant they were really loving the moment.

I Draw Slow is a bluegrass five-piece founded by siblings Louse and Dave Holdem who have been writing together for over twenty years. They are joined by violinist Adrian Hart, banjo player Colin Derham and upright bassist Konrad Liddy. The band is working on their third album which should be launched soon.



Lucy Ivan

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