I Have A Tribe – Irish Band of the Week


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i-have-a-tribePatrick O’Laoghaire also known as I Have A Tribe is this week’s Irish Artist of the Week. Not a lot was known about Patrick other than a single song Monsoon released last year, but this year could well be the year that everyone knows the name I Have A Tribe.

This approach to music and complete lack of advertisement of oneself is rare. A deliberate step back from everything but the music had me intrigued and eager to find out more. But more is not there to find and what little there is there leaves mecuriouser and curiouser.

A new EP, Yellow Raincoats released last Friday (9th May) on Faction Records, accompanied by a magical video for the title track, displays the purely eerie and tender vocals of such a unique talent. A simple guitar riff strums through with electronic beats gelling the song together holding the listener in. Lyrics accompanying the scenes from the video depicting everything ‘covered in snow, covered in snow’.

This original work is not too dissimilar from Venezuelan singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart. The effortless hum of the vocal performances of both could make your heart bleed and eyes weep.  But Patrick has this draw in his own right. Maybe it’s the complete lack of empathy for the information gatherers that draws you in and holds you there for longer. Whatever it is, it’s worthy of a lengthy listen and you drift into his world.

I have a Tribe present themselves in the Chancery Lane Theatre Dublin on May 16th and 17th for what are to be quite eye opening, musical mind expanding evenings.

By Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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